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Reject False Choices

As we get started this morning at the AASA National Conference on Education I really like the simple notion that AASA president Kristi Wilson shared in her opening remarks (You can read HERE a story from AASA Conference Daily Editor Jay Goldman on her full address). She talked about the idea of rejecting false choices. She spoke about this in the context of coding vs. humanities. I don't think rejecting false choices for superintendents has ever been more important than it is right now. As so much of our society is polarized, particularly if you spend time online, you are seeing more debates as being framed in absolutes. Of course, right now the debates around school openings, remote learning and all the related issues are front of mind around this.

And just think about the issue of students mental health vs. their academic well being – again it is not one or the other. It needs to be both.

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