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Life is a Beach

Life is a Beach

As my wife Susie and I drove Pacific Coast Highway 1 today, I couldn’t help but feel rejuvenated, inspired and more motivated than ever to be me. It wasn’t because of the sunshine and the ocean breeze, though I freely admit that always helps.

Seen and Heard Around the Conference

Our Favorite Old-timer Peter Corona, the Energizer Bunny in the AASA membership ranks, maintained his unchallenged and unbroken record in Los Angeles of attending AASA annual conferences. He’s been to every one since 1959. Behind his blue eyes are a trove of stories about helping out students who were frustrated and in need, of resourceful […]

Youth Takes a Major Turn on AASA’s Conference Daily Online

The staff producing the daily coverage at AASA’s national conference in Los Angeles skewed decidedly young this year. With four talented high school journalists and a couple of collegiate journalists handling most of the reporting and videography assignments, the next generation of communicators played a major role producing AASA’s Conference Daily Online over the past […]

What’s on the Back of Your Card?

It’s tragic that due to flight schedules, the Closing General Session causes many attendees to miss out on some of the best speakers of each year’s National Conference on Education.

The Written Word

I did it again. Yup. Every time I come to NCE, I find myself in the bookstore looking at all that is available. I can spend hours in there (and often do). I tell myself I will just look, maybe list the books I am interested in and order them from home. I tell myself books are heavy for travel and that I don’t need more to add to my bookshelf; I already have so many waiting to be read. I tell myself … and then, I find myself there once again…

Singing Superintendents

David Cox, superintendent Allegheny County Public Schools, has been directing the Singing Superintendents for seven years! His passion for music is what drives his commitment to this important part of the National Conference on Education’s closing session.

Panel Offers Survival Tips for First Year in the Superintendency

A school board member who consistently opposes your ideas. Teacher contracts with clauses that make it difficult for you to implement new programs for students or teachers. A community split over whether to build one or two new schools. These experiences drawn from school districts were raised by a panel of four superintendents during an […]