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Schuler, Incoming AASA Executive, Gives the Membership a Peek at His Organizational Ideas at 3rd General Session

Consensus Not Easy Between Superintendents and Their Boards, a Point Upon Which NSBA, AASA Executive Directors Concur

two men laughing on stage with microphones

A good relationship between a public school superintendent and the school board can have a significant impact on the success of a school district. This partnership can create a collaborative environment that allows for effective decision-making, increased accountability and improved student outcomes. That was the takeaway from the Thought Leader Session at the AASA national […]

Joy and Unity Expressed Before Sellout Audience at Effie H. Jones Memorial Equity Luncheon

The words “joy,” “power” and “unity” echoed through the Dr. Effie Hall Jones Memorial Equity Lunch on Friday at AASA’s National Conference of Education in San Antonio. The annual event honors Jones, a teacher, counselor and school administrator for 15 years and an associate executive director at AASA, promoting the interests of minority educators, women […]

Profile of Kevin McGowan: A Considered Decision Maker in the Midst of Professional Challenges

Kevin McGowan receives NSOY coat from Curtis Cain

As superintendent of the Brighton Central School District in Rochester, N.Y., Kevin McGowan is known for his strategic thinking, his willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints, his transparency and his calm leadership.  He’s also known for his steadfast commitment to the belief he commonly shares that every single child matters: “Every child, every day, in […]

Bright Picture Sketched of AASA’s Presence During State-of-the-Association Presentation to Governing Board

David Schuler, the incoming AASA executive director

AASA stands as a fiscally healthy and substantively robust organization, ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead for public education and its leadership. That was the picture painted at Wednesday’s state-of-the-association presentation delivered to AASA’s Governing Board before the start of the 2023 National Conference on Education in San Antonio, Texas. David Schuler, who […]