Life is a Beach

As my wife Susie and I drove Pacific Coast Highway 1 today, I couldn’t help but feel rejuvenated, inspired and more motivated than ever to be me. It wasn’t because of the sunshine and the ocean breeze, though I freely admit that always helps.

AASA/JASON Partnership Sees Rise of Next Gen STEM Heroes

STEM is equity. The key message delivered to over 15 Superintendents, guest Board members, and AASA staff today at the STEM Consortium meeting was loud and clear: the AASA STEM Consortium and its strategic partner JASON Learning, believe in STEM for all. Consortium districts echoed that sentiment with four presentations that highlighted the student-centered approach to STEM culture building, from small and rural schools to urban centers across America.

Connecting at AASA Makes Us #FASTER

Recently I had to practice a speech that set a five-minute parameter. I had to time the words to mesh with 15 slides, each advancing every 20 seconds. This #Ignite format was both exhilarating and daunting. I became a student in the midst of a performance-based assessment activity all over again. I struggled and failed at first. And then something special happened … I got FASTER. Thanks to my friend and colleague Marlon Styles of Middletown City Schools, I used my PLN on Twitter to ask questions and seek reinforcement.