Special Events

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9 – 11am
Special Contracts Session

No part of a superintendent’s working conditions is more important than the contract with the school board. Get an overview of key contract provisions for superintendent contracts and contract provisions to be avoided and participate in a discussion of who should negotiate a contract for a superintendent. Understand how a superintendent can avoid being terminated and the key provisions of severance agreements should termination be necessary.

12noon – 1:30pm
Federal Relations Lunch:  ​A Look at the 2020 Political Landscape

Sponsored by  Naviance by Hobsons

Robert G. Meadow
Partner, Lake Research Partners
Los Angeles, CA

This presentation will be divided in two parts.  The first part will provide an overview of the national political landscape for 2020, reviewing polling data to take a look at federal offices and the prospects for continuity and change in government in the 2020 elections.  The second portion will focus on public opinion on a range of education issues which may include funding, curricula, teacher pay and labor issues, charter schools, technology, safety parental involvement, class size, sex education, and other current topics.

6:30 – 7:30pm
Welcome Reception

Sponsored by   Aramark logo

7:15 – 8:15pm
AASA Graduation Ceremony

Sponsored by   EAB logo

7:30 – 9am
Bold Women — Bold Coffee Networking Breakfast

Sponsored by  Chartwells     ThoughtExchange

Please join AASA President Deb Kerr and other female leaders in education for a networking breakfast! The session will feature internationally recognized educational leader and practitioner Linda Darling-Hammond. Darling-Hammond is a former Stanford professor, leading researcher and currently serving as the president of California’s State Board of Education. Along with the opportunity to be inspired by Linda, other leaders will share their stories of being brave, bold and brilliant in their work.

12:30 – 2:30pm
Dr. Effie H. Jones Memorial Luncheon

Sponsored by  BellXcel

Dr. Effie Jones was a champion for women and minorities. Like Dr. Jones, Dr. Eddie Glaude has been a social justice advocate for black and brown people in this country through his writing and engagement of those of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Glaude will address the borders that block refugee children from entering this country and the school district borders in the U.S. that keep African-American, Latino and poor children from entering good schools.

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