School of the Future

The School of the Future strives to provide superintendents with a futuristic approach to all aspects of education:  Methodology & Curriculum and Technology.

The School of the Future encourages new, out-of-the-box ways of thinking that allow students to reach their full potential with the products provided and showcased during the AASA National Conference on Education. School of the Future sessions take place in the NCE Exhibit Hall.

Thursday, February 17

All times are Central Standard Time (CST)

Digital Ecosystems — Examining Success, Failure and Lessons Learned in a Pandemic World


11:20 – 11:40am


Megan Uotila

Join us for a conversation about ClassLink, the importance of interoperability and creating a secure, measurable and healthy digital ecosystem in a COVID-19 world.

Five Pillars to Fight Invisible Threats


11:45am – 12:05pm


Bob Berry
Chief Revenue Officer

Some of the most dangerous threats in a school are invisible. Learn about five pillars used to combat these foes for a healthier, safer learning environment.

Leveraging Digital Tools to Build Unstoppable Literacy Acceleration


12:10 – 12:30pm


Debi Crimmins

Monique Hamilton

How can you use technology to accelerate literacy growth for all students? Find the answer to that critical question in this informative, interactive session.

District Leaders’ Solution for Community Support

BoardDocs (formerly Diligent)

2:00 – 2:20pm


Diana Baker Freeman
Modern Governance Advocacy & Initiatives Manager

Transparency is critical for building community support of district initiatives. Learn why your board governance platform should be an essential part of your communications strategy.

Computer Science is Equity's New Language!

BOOTUP Professional Development

2:25 – 2:45pm


Betsy Hargrove

Clark Merkley

When computer science is viewed as a literacy and not a separate subject, students develop essential 21st-century skills, leveling the playing field for all. Now, coding is elementary.

Friday, February 18

All times are Central Standard Time (CST)

Do You Need Teachers?

Global Educational Concepts (GEC)

2:00 – 2:20pm


Cem Arituluk
GEC Director of Teacher Programs

Muzo Unluel
GEC Vice President

GEC is a U.S. State Department designated J-1 exchange visitor teacher program visa sponsor. GEC can help you find great international teachers for your mostly desired teaching positions.

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